“CAT 2019: Top 5 Strategies for MBA Preparations”


Are you appearing for CAT exams this year? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Here we are going to reveal some secret strategies that could help you in better preparations for MBA entrance. And, no there is no shortcut to hard work, but yes, smart planning can make things easier for you.

CAT exams are due in November 2019, therefore you need to speed up your preparations. Get more serious and plan your day. In fact, plan your week in advance, not only for studies & revisions but also for movies, parties and leisure.

Let’s get started with the smart strategies for CAT preparations:

1. Strengthen the basic concepts: Begin with strengthening your quants concepts. Pick up your Mathematics books of standard 9th and 10th and leave no question/section unsolved. It’s the best way to command your basics. If the basic concepts are clear in your mind, especially in quants section, then you can solve almost all those tricky questions in quantitative ability segment.

Remember, you need to be highly self-motivated while preparing for MBA entrance. It requires a lot of hard work and determination. Just keep in mind that only one year of hard work can take you to the sky.

2. Focus on improving your English: It is the most important part of your MBA preparation. You need to pick up the habit of reading English newspaper/Novels/magazines to develop better comprehensive ability. Keep a dictionary close to you, start marking difficult words from the passages and find its meaning. A regular practice for 2-3 months will make YOU a dictionary for many.

3. Work on improving reasoning ability: Start solving crosswords, if you have not started yet. It might not interest you in the beginning but as soon as you start forming the right words, you will find yourself addicted to it in no time. Moreover, try to solve as many riddles as you can. These will prove to be interesting exercises.

4. Take Mock tests: If you are yet to join an institute preparing for MBA, enroll yourself today and start taking their mock tests. Don’t miss any of the mock test sessions as this is going to be your progress report. Your preparations will be analyzed every time you will take the tests. You will get to know your areas of weakness & strengths. Accordingly, you can prepare for better results next time. You will also learn time management during tests. Above all, you can imagine the level of competition that you are going to face in the real CAT race.

5. Learn with fun: Sounds like a usual advice but here Learn with Fun is associated with your hobbies. For instance, if you love cooking, find a way to remember and recall things/concepts with the help of some food items or in a form of some recipe. This way, you would never forget the lesson or the learnings.

Students appearing for CAT 2019 can start implying these top 5 strategies immediately for better results. Apart from this, CAT applicants must solve previous 3 years questions and follow the exam score pattern as well. Scan the question according to its weight and prioritize your time to solve them first to score heavy.


Above is the CAT Exam Score Pattern from last 3 years. However minor changes are expected in CAT 2019, but that should not affect your MBA preparations.

We wish you all the very best for your CAT Preparations. Do Your Best!

Keep looking for this space as we are soon going to publish the “Last Minute Tips for MAT Preparations 2019” for all the MAT aspirants out there.

Amit Sen

Amit Sen is the Founder, Director, and Faculty of English, Reading & Comprehension at CF Patna. His aim is to play a major role as a mentor, guide and facilitator to every student.