With CAT 2020 just around the corner, all the CAT Aspirants are burning the midnight oil. It is but natural that it would be a nervy moment for all taking this examination. Hours, days, and months of practice would boil down to how they perform on a single day more precisely in two hours on Sun, 29 Nov 2020.

Here are the Top three last minutes tips for the upcoming CAT 2020 that will help sailing through the CAT 2020 exam smoothly for the aspirants:

  1. Don’t Panic and have no regrets – When we take an examination like CAT, it is but natural to be anxious and press the panic button as we near D-Day. This is where our mental toughness plays an important role. We need to keep our emotions under control and stay positive. Another common problem that erupts at this stage is the fear of missing out on some key topics. Studying anything new at this point in time would be a total wastage of time. Therefore, a much better idea will be to only revise the topics we’ve studied earlier.
  2. Manage your time intelligently – If the aspirants taking CAT are asked to take CAT with no time limit, everyone will undoubtedly score very well. It’s about solving the questions under a strict time limit. Thus, time management becomes an essential thing. Devising a time-efficient strategy coupled with speed and accuracy will help you solve the maximum number of questions.
  3. Relax and take a chill-pill – At the outset, this would seem to be an ill-advice. The question that comes to our mind is “How can one relax 10 days before such an important exam?” CAT 2020 preparation has taken a toll on our body both mentally and physically. The relentless efforts taken by us has finally got to be delivered soon. In such a situation, it’s even more important to relax a bit. Our brain and body need rest to perform at their optimum. Cramping up our brain with new concepts just before an exam makes it function worse. Just before the exam, you need to “Work Smart” and strike a balance between working and relaxing so that it goes all guns blazing on D-Day.

So, dear CAT 2020 Aspirants, please keep the above in mind as you get ready for the final struggle.

Good Luck and God Bless!

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