This was the first year that SNAP joined the online bandwagon but kept its pattern and level of difficulty similar to the last year. There were 150 Questions to be attempted in 120 minutes. The online mode made it a little more speed based exam. English was Grammar and Vocabulary heavy, Quantitative was moderate but time-consuming, Reasoning was multi-dimensional and General Knowledge was at par.

Section wise analysis is given below.

Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation (40 Questions)

There were 33 Questions of Quantitative Ability and only 7 Questions of Data Interpretation.

Quantitative Ability comprised of 8 Questions of Arithmetic, 7 Questions from Probability, 3 Questions from number system, 3 Questions from Geometry, 2 Questions from Set Theory and Logarithms and 2 reasoning based Questions.

In Data Interpretation, there were two sets based on Pie Chart and Line chart.

Overall, this section was of Moderate difficulty and an attempt of around 21-23 Questions with an accuracy of 90% can be termed a good job.

Logical Reasoning (40 Questions)

Logical Reasoning represented a variety of Question types. There were 2 Questions on Card Game. There were 3 sets on Blood relationships, Number Based Arrangement and Interpretation from Graphs with 5 Questions per set. There was presence of some Quant based questions in this section based on permutation, ratios and numbers that made this section a little taxing. There were questions on Coding Decoding, Clocks and Input Output.

Overall, this section was a little time consuming with moderate level of difficulty. An attempt of 22-24 with an accuracy of 90% would be considered a good job.

Verbal Ability

This section was the most conventional of all. Nearly 50% of the questions were based on Vocabulary and the remaining a mix of Grammar, Sentence Arrangement and Reading Comprehension.

There were 19 Questions on Vocabulary consisting of 8 questions on Synonyms & Antonyms. The rest were based on Analogies, Idioms and Phrases etc.

There were 2 Reading Comprehension passages of 6 Questions each. The passages were relatively easy. There were 2 Questions on Sentence Arrangement and 7 Questions on Grammar.

Overall, this section was easy and an attempt of around 30-32 Questions with an accuracy of 85% would be termed a good job

Current Affairs

As in the past few years the questions were based only on Current Affairs. The spread was good and the questions consisted from all areas covering Business, Sports, Awards and Technology.

An aspirant who has been regular with the newspaper and magazines would have found this section to be quite manageable.

An Overall Attempt of 18-20 questions with an accuracy of around 80% would be termed a good job

Below is a table of our ideal score

Section Questions Difficulty Level Ideal Score
Quant + DI 40 Moderate 16-18
Logical Reasoning 40 Moderate 15-17
Verbal Ability 40 Easy 25-27
Current Affairs 30 Easy 11-13

The expected cut off for different institutes are as follows

Institute Cut off
SIBM-Pune 65-67
SCMHRD 60-62
SIIB 50-52
SIBM- Bengaluru 50-52
SITM 42-44

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