CAT 2023 Slot 3 was more difficult than Slot 1&2. However, there was no mandatory question in the VA/RC section as in Slot 2. The paper consisted of 66 questions which were to be attempted in 120 minutes. The sections, which were in a predetermined order, were to be attempted in 40 minutes each and there was no provision of submission of section before time. The division of the questions also remained the same.

The section-wise level of difficulty was as follows:

No. of questions


Level of Difficulty


24 4



20 6

Moderate- Difficult


22 7 Difficult


66 17

Moderate – Difficult

Marking Scheme was as follows:

VA/RC Section Analysis

DI/LR Section Analysis

QA Section Analysis

** This Article has been Published by Mr. Amit Kumar Sen, Director Cf Patna and is on based on inputs from students and the numbers therein are Indicative in nature.

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