Do’s & Don’ts of CAT Preparation

Common Admission Test (CAT) is one of the most sought for Exams in India. An MBA degree from a reputed B-School does the same to one’s Career in the Corporate world as a Nitro-Boost does in shooting up the speedometer of a Game enthusiast by several times. In order to get into the IIMs or other prestigious B-Schools in India, it is exigent to plan well and execute the plans to the best of one’s abilities.

Let’s now try to identify the various Do’s & Don’ts of successful CAT Preparation.

Do’s of CAT Preparation

  • The first thing that has to be inculcated is ‘Self-Belief’. Until and Unless, one starts believing that he/she is meant to be there right at the top, it’s very difficult to scale the exam.

  • The next step is to identify the syllabus and get accustomed with the exam pattern so that one is not found wanting at the time of the exam.

  • Once the above step is achieved, it’s important to work on the basic concepts. We should always remember that the building may be very beautiful but if the plinth is not strong it would not be able to stand the vicissitudes of nature. Similarly, it’s very important that we practice the basic concepts well and gradually move on to advanced level questions. Whenever one speaks of CAT, the first picture is to work on English Usage, Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Ability, Reasoning and Data Interpretation. Undoubtedly, all the above are extremely important for CAT but one area that distinguishes the best from the ordinary is General Knowledge & Current Awareness. Though one does not get any questions based on these in CAT, they instill a sense of Confidence in us that makes the sailing of CAT easier and helps us tremendously in the second phase of evaluation viz. GD/PI/WAT.

  • Identification of one’s Strengths and Weakness is another major factor in taming the exam. A SWOT analysis of oneself is an absolute necessity.

  • Though everyone is hell-bent in achieving speed for the exam, it’s more important to first develop Accuracy. Once Accuracy is developed, Speed can be gained by regular practice.

  • CAT and most of the B- School admission test is Online these days. It is imperative to practice Online mock tests. The first step is to practice Chapter wise test. Moving ahead is to practice Sectional Tests and then the Full-Length tests. Taking tests would help one analyze and test one’s accuracy, time management etc. and help reviewing and executing one’s Learning plan.

  • Working on Previous years Questions is another important aspect that needs attention. This would help one acclimatize the exact paper pattern and customize one’s approach towards solving them.

  • Last but not the least, mental and physical fitness should be at the optimum. So, one needs to eat healthy, do some exercise and relax.

Now having seen the Do’s, let’s focus on some Don’ts of CAT preparation.

  • Don’t get stressed during the journey of preparation. It’s a long odyssey full of ups & downs. Stay relaxed and keep working.

  • Don’t lose focus and start getting frustrated by the performance of others. Believe that you are good and keep working.

  • Don’t Over work. Body needs rest to rejuvenate itself.

  • Don’t study any new concept 30 days prior to the exam.

  • Don’t waste time.

  • Don’t Indulge in unhealthy food and habits.

  • Don’t get drowned in the pressure of expectation.

  • Don’t Give up.

Always remember, CAT tests you for your mental toughness and decision-making skills. One who can handle the above can very easily “BELL THE CAT”.

Happy Learning. Good Luck and God Bless!