CF Patna was originally started as Career Forum Limited in 2006. Over the last 17 years we have helped scores of students to realize their dreams and our alumnus have completed their courses from some of the top institutes in India. Our USP???s have been detailed classroom sessions and having very small batches per course.

We pride ourselves to give our students to one of the highest classroom sessions in the industry. The faculty set contains all PGDMs from top institutes in India and all are vastly experienced in training students for competitive exams.

Our primary aim is to first counsel the students and clarify them about the course they want to pursue so that they can put in their best efforts to achieve their goal.

We have a system of 6 days classes a week so that students can get maximum exposure to different techniques to tackle questions in an efficient matter in their exams. Lastly, our focus is on developing a student so that she/he can take on this competitive world and come out with flying colours.