We all know the intensity of competition we have to face everywhere nowadays. The famous proverb, “Mehnat Karo Safalta Milegi” seems unreal in this competitive age. What helps you succeed is, how smartly you can work and the “out of the box” approach you follow towards your goal. Well, it’s not an art that can be inherited; it comes with a lot of hard work, practice and proper guidelines.

Proper Guidelines – Regardless of your age or work you are doing, it is mandatory for success. As quoted by the famous American Basketball player and coach, John Wooden – A good coach can change a game, and a great coach can change your life.

Around 2.5 lakhs students tried their luck in the year 2016 for around 10,000 seats (out of which only 5,000 are for flagship PGP program) that are available with 20 IIMs. To qualify for IIM with a selection ratio of 1:50 is not less tough than climbing Mount Everest.

Did you ever think what unique quality these qualifying candidates have that lead them towards success and not you? These unique qualities make them different and they make their own path. After then to reach their goals they need a strategy and right advice. If Krishna was not there to guide Arjuna, would the result of Mahabharata be the same? If there was no Ramakant Aachrekar, would there be the same Sachin? The result obviously is in your mind.

Right Coaching – The right coaching is important to create history. To become one of the IIMs products, or to be a Bank PO, or to crack the toughest law entrance exam of the country, you need right coaching. Every coaching institute, even the best ones too have no difference and have one prominent similarity and that is they all are doing business. They believe in “all that glitters is gold”. A huge classroom doesn’t help; hundreds of student in a single batch doesn’t help.

What actually matters is, what qualities you impart in your pupils, how well they learn to strategize their studies and preparation, how prepared they are for the intense competition, how motivated they are to keep their enthusiasm intact to crack the impossible (for many).

A good coaching, that leads towards the path of success has the following things:

We are not saying all the coaching institutes are same. There are few exceptions, but finding them is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, for which you have to open your eyes and ears attentively. Be wise in your choice students because it’s the matter of your ‘time’ and hard earned money, which you will never get back.

Don’t be a part of crowd that is heading nowhere. To get success, you have to stand out of all attractions, all odds. Think wisely and choose one coach/ coaching that helps you realize your dream and to achieve it later.

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