CLAT 2018 was conducted on Sunday, the 13th of May 2018 in 63 cities across India. Approximately 52,000 candidates are expected to have taken the test. The test was mostly Moderate in nature. Except for Mathematics which was Difficult, all other sections were of Easy to Moderate level.

The Break-up of the different sections along with Ideal Attempts and Level of Difficulty is given below: –



Number of questions

Allotted marks

Ideal Attempts

Level of Difficulty

1. Legal Aptitude 50 50 39-43 Easy
2. Logical Reasoning 40 40 30-33 Moderate
3. English including Comprehension 40 40 34-36 Easy
4. General Knowledge and Current Affairs 50 50 37-40 Moderate
5. Elementary Mathematics with Numerical Ability 20 20 7-8 Difficult

Below is a detailed Analysis of CLAT 2018

Legal Aptitude

The legal aptitude section was the shining point this year among all the sections. Though it was not exactly a sitter but overall difficulty level was easy. The spread of questions included 17 Legal Knowledge questions, four Statement assumptions and one Reasoning Assertion. Legal Reasoning was fairly distributed with six questions from Law of Contracts, seven from Law of Torts, and four on Constitution. Rest of the questions needed basic reasoning and no prior knowledge of Legal Aptitude. An Ideal attempt in this section would be around 39-43 Questions.

Logical Reasoning

This section was not as easy as the previous edition of CLAT. i.e. CLAT 2017. Majority of Questions were from Analytical Reasoning. Questions from Arrangements, Directions, Blood Relations, Series, coding decoding and ranking appeared in the section. Overall it was a moderate section in terms of Analytical Reasoning. The Verbal Reasoning part was a little better with the Critical Reasoning questions being not that tricky. Overall an attempt of 30-33 questions in this Section would be a good job.

English including Comprehension

This section was mostly like last year. One major change this section had was the haphazard manner of RC questions rather than the often-used chronological order. Unlike last year, the 1 RC passage had 10 questions instead of the usual 5. The cloze test was slightly difficult to interpret. The other questions were along similar lines to last year and had questions on Grammar, Vocabulary etc. Overall the difficulty level was Easy and an Ideal attempt in this section would be around34-36 questions.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

As in the past few years, the General Knowledge Section was dominated by Current Affairs though there were questions from Static GK as well. There were a lot of Data based Questions. There were around 10 Questions from National Current Affairs, 6 Questions from International Current Affairs, 5 from Sports, 5 from Awards etc. Overall, the level of difficulty was moderate and an Ideal attempt in this section would be 37-40 Questions

Elementary Mathematics with Numerical Ability

This was the most difficult section in CLAT 2018. Though this section had the usual 20 Questions but unlike in the previous years where there were a number of questions from one area, this year the questions touched almost all the areas in Mathematics. There were 10 Questions from Arithmetic, 2 Questions from Number System, 2 from Modern Maths, 3 from simplification and 1 each from Algebra and Geometry. As mentioned earlier, this was a Difficult section and an Ideal attempt would be around 7-8 Questions.

The CLAT cut-off should be between 107-110 and for the Top NLUs should be around 123-127.

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