CAT 2017 was conducted on 26th November 2017 in two sessions. CF Patna presents the analysis of the Forenoon Session.

CAT 2017 as announced and expected had 3 sections comprising of 100 Questions. The First section comprised of Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension and had 34 Questions. The Second section comprised of Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning and had 32 Questions. The Third section comprised of Quantitative Ability and had 34 Questions.

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

The format of this section was exactly like CAT 2016 with the level of difficulty a little less. There were 5 reading comprehension passages containing 24 questions and 10 questions on Verbal Ability. The passages were of easy to moderate level difficulty and out of 24 Questions 11-12 were direct questions. Another 3-4 questions were on the format “the author would agree with except”. In Such a scenario, students had to turn back to the passage and students who had used the Keyword reading technique at #CF Patna would have found the work much easier.

The Verbal Ability section had 10 questions comprising of Para Jumbles, Summary & out of the context questions. Para Jumbles as in CAT 2016 were non MCQ i.e. Key in questions as were the out of context questions. Summary questions were MCQ. As in CAT 2016 questions on vocabulary, sentence correction and critical reasoning were missing.

Overall, the level of difficulty was moderate and an attempt of around 26-29 with 85% accuracy would classify as a good score in this section.

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

This section was indeed tough and time consuming. Solving more than 22 questions in this section would be difficult. Sets on 5*5 matrix of pillars and Burger scheduling could be easily attempted otherwise 2 sets in Data Interpretation and 3 sets in Logical reasoning could easily be termed as time consuming. Sets on PCM with percentiles, Happiness Index and flights were enough to confuse students without practically being able to score marks.

Overall, an attempt of 17+ with 80% accuracy can be termed a good job

Quantitative Ability

This section turned out to be easier than expected. Most of the chapters in the syllabus had a representation. The only surprise was missing out of questions on number system. Otherwise, there were questions from Profit & Loss, Percentages, Time& Work, Time, Speed & Distance, Permutation & Combination, Geometry, Inequalities, Coordinate Geometry etc.

There were 7 questions from Arithmetic, 10 from Algebra, 7 from Geometry and 10 from Modern Math.

10-12 questions were easy, around 16-18 were moderate and the rest difficult. Overall, an attempt of 26 questions with 90% accuracy would be termed a decent job.


Percentile Verbal Ability DI & LR Quantitative Ability Overall
80%ile 38 14 30 70
90%ile 49 19 43 98
95%ile 60 26 54 121
98%ile 66 31 64 145
99%ile 72 40 75 156

Below is the expected break of sectional scores with respective percentiles.

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