The CAT exam is an important milestone on the road to getting your MBA. It’s a test that you’ll have to take at some point in your career, so it’s important to prepare for it well in advance. While there are many ways of preparing for this exam, one of the best ways is to do so while working full-time. This is a challenge that may seem difficult at first but can actually be quite rewarding if done correctly. I’ve compiled some tips from my own experience on how to succeed at both:

First things first

Before you can start preparing for your MBA entrance, you need to make a plan. You should have a clear idea of what all needs to be done and the time frame in which it will be done. If you are working full-time, this step is not going to be easy but still possible.

First things first! Start by making sure that you are taking care of your health and do not get yourself sick during exams or interview rounds. Secondly, list out all the preparatory steps required for CAT exam; these could include buying books/materials, downloading past papers/papers from previous years, etc., depending on how much time is left before the exam date arrives (usually around 6 weeks). Once these two steps are done, work on scheduling your preparation schedule as per deadlines set by colleges offering management programs along with CAT dates so that there is no confusion later on when it comes time for application forms submission at respective colleges which usually happens after final year students successfully complete their university exams like semester exams, etc.,

Do the math

The CAT Score is calculated on the basis of the following:

To calculate your score, find out how many questions you took from each section in the test you appeared for. Then calculate your score using the formula given below.

Have a well-thought-out plan

It’s important to have a well-thought-out plan, especially if you’re working full-time. Before you begin your MBA prep journey, define the problem and then start thinking about solutions. Focus on setting goals before starting on any other aspect of your preparation. Don’t worry about what other people’s goals are or whether they’re ambitious enough for you—be ambitious but stay realistic!

Get in shape: If you want to get into shape and become fitter by the end of three months, start by tracking your entire calorie intake for one week. You can also take up a sport or activity that will help improve your fitness level over time.

Don’t get distracted

It’s very easy to lose focus and get distracted when you’re working on something, especially if it’s a goal that requires a lot of effort over an extended period of time. You may also find yourself easily distracted by other things along the way. For example:

Maintain your identity

In order to prepare for CAT while working, you must keep your identity. It’s easy to get consumed by work and forget about everything else, but it is important that you have time for yourself outside of the office. Take a break from studying every now and again to do something fun or relaxing. Make sure your family still sees you as someone other than a workaholic!

Make test prep fun.

If you have to spend time on test prep, make it fun. Test prep is a hobby, so make it one!

While many challenges will come your way during this time, the sacrifices you make during this time will be worth it.

As you begin your preparation for CAT, it is important to be mentally prepared. It is crucial that you are able to focus on what you need to do and not get distracted by other things that may come your way.

It is also important that you are physically prepared for this exam as well. Make sure that you have a regular schedule of exercising or going to the gym in order to stay fit and healthy so that when the time comes, you will be able to handle the physical demands of sitting for long hours during the exam.

You should also be financially prepared for MBA entrance through CAT while working since there might be additional costs associated with taking up an online course. For example, if there are special courses offered by your CAT coaching that would help in improving your chances of getting admitted into an MBA program like IIM Ahmedabad, then these extra costs would come out of pocket instead of being reimbursed by employer/company which could mean more money spent per month if they were paid back over time.


Be prepared for a rigorous journey, but don’t lose sight of the goal. The time you put in now will be worth it when you achieve your MBA dream!

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