XAT 2019 Examination Analysis

Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) was conducted on 06th January 2019 in online mode. There were some changes in the test in terms of modalities but the overall pattern was not much different. The Exam was of 3 hours duration instead of 3.5 hours earlier. There was no essay this time around. It was expected that there would be some Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions in the test but all the questions were MCQ’s. There were 99 questions spread across two parts. Part 1 consisted of 74 questions on Verbal & Logical Ability, Decision Making, and Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation and Part 2 consisted of 25 questions on General Knowledge. The time allotted for the first part was 165 minutes and 15 minutes for the second part. In part 1 there was a system of +1 for every correct answer and (-0.25) for every incorrect answer. Also, there was negative marking of 0.10 for every unattempted question beyond 8. The General Knowledge section had no negative marking.

Now, we go in for an in the detailed sectional analysis:



Verbal & Logical Ability

This section had 26 questions. This section could be termed to be difficult. There were 4 Passages containing 3 questions each. The surprise element was of a Poetry being there and students of #CFPatna would be thankful for their session on Poetry Appreciation which made them tackle both the questions in the poetry easily. The passages were from Art, Woman Speech and Elevation of Human Mind and the questions needed Critical thinking. The other questions in this section were from Antonyms, Sentence Rearrangement, Analogy, Fill in the blanks, Critical Reasoning etc. An attempt of around 13-15 Questions with an accuracy of about 80% would be termed a decent job. The sectional cut off is expected to be around 7-8 marks.


Decision Making

There were 21 questions in this section. This section was of Moderate difficulty level. There were 7 sets containing 2-4 questions each. The sets were short and easy to read. One Set was repeated from the last year with the questions and answer choices being different. The other sets were based on Sanchit Hospitals, PR Agency, Ice Cream Franchisee etc. There were some sets demanding ethical dilemma and others were on business decisions. An attempt at 14-16 with an accuracy of about 80% would be a good job in this section. The sectional cut off is expected to be around 8-9 marks.


Quantitative Ability

There were 27 questions in this section. This section could be termed as easy to moderate in terms of difficulty. There were 21 questions from Maths and 6 questions from DI. Geometry & Arithmetic had predominance in this section with around 13-14 questions from these two areas. The other questions were from Numbers, Algebra, Logarithms & AP-GP. As reported by some, one question in DI could not be solved due to Insufficient data. An attempt of around 19-21 with an accuracy of about 80% would be a good job in this section. The sectional cut off is expected to be around 10-11.



General Knowledge

There were 25 questions in this section. The weightage of Static Knowledge question were around double than the Current Affairs question, thus this was a Difficult section. The questions were from varied sources that included Science History, Geography, Business, and Economy etc. Though the marks of this section are not Included in the final percentile calculation, an attempt at 14-15 with an accuracy of around 80% would be a good job.



Overall, XAT 2019 could be termed a shade difficult than XAT 2018 mainly due to the VA section. The cut off is not expected to change drastically and we expect a cut off of around 29-31 for XLRI-BM and 27-29 for XLRI-HRM.

Amit Sen

Amit Sen is the Founder, Director, and Faculty of English, Reading & Comprehension at CF Patna. His aim is to play a major role as a mentor, guide and facilitator to every student.