Five Most Important Last – Minute Preparation Tips for XAT 2019 Exam

5 Minute Preparation Tips for XAT 2019


XAT is among the most prestigious MBA entrance exams of the country. The XAT score is a parameter for admission in various courses offered by more than 150 institutes (XAT associate colleges).The date of XAT 2019 exam is just a few days away and all of you must be excited and nervous at the same time. The time of regular preparation and serious studies is over; now it’s time for corrective preparation.

Let’s have a look at the important dates and move on to the five Most Important last-minute preparation tips for XAT 2019.

XAT 2019 Exam Important Dates



XAT 2019 exam pattern is different than the pattern of previous years. Following are the major differences in the exam pattern:

  1. Exam duration is reduced to three hours (earlier it was 3.5 hours)
  2. There will be 4 sections in XAT 2019 (earlier there were 5 sections)
  3. Essay writing section is removed from XAT
  4. The answering pattern is no longer SUBJECTIVE

Improved pattern will look like this:

XAT 2019 Exam Pattern


Every correct answer entitles one mark and every incorrect answer will deduct 0.25 marks.

Now let’s have a look at the steps we can take in our final thrust of preparation for XAT 2019.


Only a few days are remaining for XAT 2019 and this is the time to revise everything you studied so far. Memorize all the formulae, time saving tricks, crucial concepts, current affairs and GS facts and dates. The more you revise, the more convenient and efficient it will be during the exam. It will also help enhance the accuracy and decision making in examination.


Since XAT is a quite Intensive exam, time management is the most important aspect.To make a better time management strategy during the exam it’s important to identify the strengths and weaknesses based on the sections in exam pattern. Allocate section wise time and take dynamic decisions based on the difficulty level of questions and your grasp of the topics and sections. It is advisable to not risk more than allocated time for tricky questions.


The exam pattern for XAT 2019 is completely different, so you’ll not have previous year’s question papers for practice. However, it is good to practice mock tests to judge your preparation level, comparatively weaker areas and probable time allocation during real exam scenario.


Now the universal tip behind the success in any examination, stay stress free. Have some fun time the day before exam. Spend time doing something that helps you rejuvenate. Wake up early on the day of exam, get ready and prepare to save yourself from last minute hassles. Enter the examination hall with a calm and energized mind to rock the exam.

With this short and crisp set of tips, we at CF Patna wish you all the best for XAT 2019. We wish to see you pass out from your favorite XAT Associate Institute.


Amit Sen

Amit Sen is the Founder, Director, and Faculty of English, Reading & Comprehension at CF Patna. His aim is to play a major role as a mentor, guide and facilitator to every student.