SNAP 2018 – 11th Hour Tips

SNAP test 2018 would be conducted on 16th December 2018 between 14.00 hrs. and 16.00 hrs. It would be an online test of 120 minutes and will have 130 Questions for 150 marks. There would be MCQs and TITA Questions. Let’s first have a look at the examination format.

SNAP 2018

The MCQs referred as Normal Questions will carry 1 mark each whereas the TITA questions referred as Special Questions will carry 2 marks each. There will be a system of 25% negative marking for every incorrect answer.

Now, we see what are the 11th Hour Tips for SNAP Test 2018.

All of us are aware of the fact that SNAP is not as difficult as CAT but in SNAP a lot more questions have to be solved in much lesser time, so speed becomes an important factor.

  • Solve Mock Test Papers
    The first step is to solve mock test papers of SNAP. This would help you identify your areas of strength. Fortunately, SNAP does not have any sectional constraints so one can maximize his/her score by solving more questions from a favorable area.
  • Go for an elimination of Alternatives
    The next step is to try to solve MCQs by an elimination of alternatives. This is most beneficial in Para Jumbles and to a certain extent in questions of Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation. Instead of going through the conventional way of solving questions, elimination of alternatives can help students solve questions faster.
  • Work on Current Affairs
    Current Affairs play an important part in SNAP test. As seen in the past, the questions asked in this section are at most 2 years old. A quick revision of the current affairs in the last two years would definitely help the students scale this section.
  • Revise Basic Concepts & Formulae
    Revision of basic concepts and Formulae is an imperative thing. As we know that many questions in the SNAP test especially in QA & LR section are fairly direct, keeping important formulae handy would be a great plus for aspirants. Alongside, revision of basic concepts is also very beneficial in handling the questions in the test.
  • Don’t Study anything new
    I have always advocated that the aspirants should not study anything new as they near an important examination. Even in this case, my advice is the same. Do not study anything new now. Revision of the work already done would be beneficial at this moment.
  • Make a Strategy
    A well-prepared aspirant needs to have a strategy in mind. However, you must not be too rigid with the strategy. We need to alter our strategy when we see the actual paper. Having said this, we need to keep a rough idea of how are we going to tackle the paper in terms of sections to be solved and questions attempted.
  • Time Management
    Time Management is probably the biggest thing to be done in SNAP test. Unlike CAT where there is a fixed amount of time allocated to each section here, we need to fix the time limits for each section. As mentioned earlier, in SNAP test we need to solve more questions in the lesser allocated time limit, its exigent to have a good speed. A general allocation of time limits for various sections would be as under:
    >> General English, RC: 35 Minutes
    >> QA/DI/DS: 40 Minutes
    >> AR & LR: 40 Minutes
    >> Current Awareness: 05 Minutes
  • Don’t Stress
    As stated earlier, SNAP test is comparatively easier than CAT, so you don’t need to take stress. The aspirants who have taken CAT 2018 would find this test to be easier and taking stress in any condition is not good. If you take stress and panic, you would end up not solving “Do-Able” questions. So, relax and give it your best shot.

    I would come up with a detailed analysis of SNAP test 2018 once the examination concluded. Till then keep working and Wish you all the best for SNAP 2018!!

Amit Sen

Amit Sen is the Founder, Director, and Faculty of English, Reading & Comprehension at CF Patna. His aim is to play a major role as a mentor, guide and facilitator to every student.