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About IPM: Five-year Integrated Programme in Management

The program is called IPM (Integrated Programme in Management) at these institutes. The course structures are similar though not same at all the institutes. For three years, students focus on “statistics, economics and humanities”, joining the post-graduate cohort in years 4 and 5.

IIM Indore established its program in 2011 and IIM Rohtak in 2019. IIM Indore awards program graduates both Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Foundations of Management) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees. IIM Rohtak awards the MBA to five-year graduates and BBA to students who opt-out after three years.

CF Patna prepares you for premier IPM/BBA institutes

It is said that a good faculty makes ordinary students do extraordinary work and this undoubtedly stands true for every faculty at CF Patna. The faculties here are a perfect combination of dexterity and patience and play the role of a mentor, guide and facilitator to every student.

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